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We aim to create a gaming database and community where gamers can see fun personal and global stats within the industry by using the same language to credibly display their efforts across all of their accounts. 

Interactive entertainment has placed us into silos of our preferred platform; unable to conveniently relate, theorycraft, or share accomplishments with friends who may not be on the same console. As fellow fans of the industry who have grown up playing video games, our goal is to provide this creative community that we love with a platform that lets us enjoy each other’s presence, despite what hardware we may have.


We are setting up rewards for those who would like to support the app’s development. If you would like to support the app's development, join us for our local gaming events, or contribute below!

MedalPi is a phone app currently under development that will serve as a gamer’s database and resume. Consolidating all of gamers’ hard work; achievements, trophies, accomplishments, and hours played, validated across each platform in one place.

Our app’s achievement system will be in the form of medals, and will be awarded to users when they earn achievements on their Playstation, Xbox, PC, and yes, even their Switch! 

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